Sep 152002
Authors: Laura Kath

U.S. News and World Report magazine ranked CSU in the second tier of national universities, along with schools including Ohio State University, Indiana State University in Bloomington and Michigan State University.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine ranked CSU number 50 in a survey on the top 100 public universities on quality and affordability.

Additionally, CSU’s engineering department is ranked 57th in the nation by U.S. News, three places higher than last year.

“We are pleased to be ranked in the top 60 engineering programs and will continue to move towards new levels of faculty, student and research excellence,” said Neal Gallager, a staff member in the engineering department, in a recent press release.

The engineering program is not the only program ranked nationally. The veterinarian school is ranked number two, trailing behind Cornell College’s program.

CSU’s vocational/technical school is ranked in the top 10. Occupational therapy and the MBA program also got recognition.

CSU was also labeled a “top character building institution” by the Templeton Foundation.

“It makes me feel confident and it’s encouraging to know that CSU is a good school. Knowing CSU is ranked really enforces your belief in education and how well you could compete in a job,” said Brenda Thomas, a junior open option student.

Along with the academic programs, CSU is ranked number 12 in numbers of students who join the Peace Corps volunteers, according to the Peace Corps.

“I like to know that the professors are so good. It’s my second bachelors and it’s really helpful that the professors are really good. It’s helped me a lot,” said Eunyoung Kim, an open option sophomore.

In a recent press release concerning the rankings, CSU President Al Yates said, “While we can never focus our energies on such rankings, it does gratify our campus community to receive affirmation that our hard work and dedication are paying dividends and drawing attention from around the nation.”

Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer

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