Sep 152002
Authors: Vince Adams

One of Colorado’s House Reps. in Washington, Tom Tancredo, doesn’t think a young man who graduated with great grades in high school – I mean grades most people salivate over – has shown enough to warrant becoming an American citizen, let alone a college student.

The Denver Post ran a story about a young man, named Jesus Apodaca. This young man was in a bit of a bind because, even though he lived in Denver since he could make sense of shapes or other novice cognitive abilities, he could not qualify for in state tutition. His family does not make enough money to send him through school.

Tancredo says this young man, and his family, “are making a mockery of the law and insulting the law.” He thinks this because he and his family are here illegally. He thinks he and his family should be deported. Now, it is not very likely this young man will be sent back to Mexico, because he did not directly break the law and is innocent in any legal wrong-doing. But, if Tancredo has his way, Jesus’ family still could be sent back.

I think he is making a mockery of himself and human decency.

Many people come to this country and add a great deal to America, and this young man has a great opportunity to become something special in the only country he knows and calls home. Why would he want to take that away from this young man?

Also, why is he singling Jesus out? There are thousands of people who came here form another country and are here illegally. This young man has demonstrated himself to be a great potential citizen and active member of our society.

Tancredo reminds me of a typical movie villain whose main agenda is toppling the good guy. From here on, I shall call him Tom “Dr. Evil” Tancredo.

I just hope that we have a hero in our government, or even a citizen, who can assure Dr. Evil is toppled before he succeeds in his dastardly deed.

P.S. I probably shouldn’t tell him I didn’t graduate high school and that I am a senior here making good grades. It might make a mockery of the public school system from which I came. I hope he doesn’t read this, single me out and try to have me kicked out of CSU. So please, don’t anyone tell him.

Going into Iraq?

This man needs to be taken care of – now.

I have read a lot of people’s opinions about this and I think many people are missing the point – the point Bush is stressing to make.

Some people want UN approval before we move in. Great, I would love its approval but I don’t think we should make a decision based on what they say. We need to do what is best for us, the United States.

People say there is no proof he sponsors terrorism or that he is planning to attack us.

I don’t think that is the point we are making against Saddam.

We went into Iraq, in 1990 to liberate Kuwait from his hostile takeover. After we kicked his butt, the terms that we would pull out were that weapons inspectors would be there to monitor his weapons program, allowing us to prevent him from making biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. He kicked the UN out and we allowed him.

We should have taken care of Saddam when he first started thumbing his nose at the UN.

President Clinton should have done then what Bush wants to do now.

Clinton probably backed down because the economy was looking good and he was able to come out of many scandals with high approval ratings. Clinton must have known a war would hurt the economy and, consequently, his approval ratings because his ratings were high only because the economy was very strong.

We have a right to take Saddam out because he has broken the UN agreement. This man gassed his own people. We knew then this guy was a danger to us, and the rest of the world. We wanted inspectors there to make sure he couldn’t act out his ambitions.

This issue isn’t new; it is just different in our post Sept. 11 world, and Saddam has already proven enough for me, and I think, enough for the world community that his ambitions should be toppled.

Please send me any comments. I will print what I can. Always include name, class and major.

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