Sep 152002
Authors: Reed Saunders

Don’t think I’m a head case, but I’ve been hearing some disturbing thoughts lately. That’s right, I hear thoughts.

Maybe a few of you heard them too. As I was walking off the field at Hughes Stadium on Saturday night, there was a lot of thinking going on and the thoughts were everywhere.

Most of them sounded something like this:

“I love Van Pelt… but man, Holland looked good.”

No one was saying it and I’m not sure people wanted to. Who really wants to bring up talk of another possible quarterback controversy? Talk about dropping a turd in the punch bowl.

Quarterback controversies are good for no one. Absolutely no one benefits and, in most cases, no one involved — coaches, quarterbacks, even journalists — enjoys any minute of it.

That said, let me tell you something about this little “controversy” you might think is brewing here in Fort

Collins: there is no controversy. To repeat: THERE IS NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. No controversy. Period.

War on Iraq? That’s a controversy. Britney’s boob authenticity? Definite controversy. Van Pelt vs. Holland? No dice. The reason? I’ll let someone who actually matters sum it up best:

“They’re both getting the job done,” said Joey Cuppari, the Rams’ senior wide receiver. “Either one can go in there and do it, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Van Pelt and Holland are both capable, confident quarterbacks. They both pass with accuracy and efficiency. They both show poise in the pocket. Most importantly, they both have the respect of their teammates.

This was not the case last year, when the Rams did have a controversy on their hands. D.J. Busch was named the starter, but peed down his leg against CU – throwing the game away and planting the seeds of doubt in his teammates.

This year, Van Pelt is the starter and he is still the man as far as CSU coaches are concerned. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put him back in after Holland put together an impressive scoring march on his first career drive.

Coaches, players and fans alike have faith in Van Pelt. Now there’s an added bonus: a capable backup to have faith in as well.

For now, the Rams’ system is ideal. Van Pelt is still the man — he will take the majority of the snaps, he will be in at crunch time. Holland is the man in waiting – he will get his chances to play, he will gain more experience and, if necessary, coaches and players know he can play (and play well) when the game is on the line.

The Rams now also have twice the weaponry at their disposal. Van Pelt has improved his passing accuracy by leaps and bounds and is always a threat to run the ball. Holland has the look of a prototype drop-back passer. He shows uncanny patience for a freshman and makes defenses pay if they’re even a half-step off in their coverage.

Is it a problem to have too much of a good thing? Not as long as both men continue to perform. Unless someone pulls a Busch and melts down (and both Van Pelt and Holland look miles away from a meltdown), everyone in the Rams organization will be confident in whichever signal-caller is, well, calling the signals.

No sir, this is not a controversy. If anything it’s an overload. You know that Coors Light commercial with the twins? Why do you think that works so well? Quite simply, because two are soooo much better than one.

Think about THAT, why dontcha.

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