Sep 152002
Authors: Alfred P. Reaud

To the Editor:

I thought that your guy at the bottom of Friday’s editorial cartoon saying, “normal’s on the rocks” was an excellent double-entendre, if that is what you meant by it. Got me to wondering as to how many of the CSU students are old enough to remember the organization NORML and if the organization was still active.

It is, and it’s sister organization Americans For Safe Access, is planning a nationwide protest on Monday, September 16, 2002, at noon in front of federal buildings across the country. We have a nice federal building located on Howe and Olive streets, with ideal frontage for demonstration. I’m wondering if any students are planning to attend or are interested in

Attending? CSU student presence would greatly enhance the cause, especially in those states that have already voted in medicinal marijuana, which Colorado is one.

Thanks for your time.

Alfred P. Reaud

Fort Collins resident

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