Sep 152002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

After a week of a patriotism and reflection, here is our opportunity to show our love for our nation and what makes it so special – voting.

Amendment 28 will appear on your ballot in November. This initiative will basically make it easier for you to vote because it will mandate all registered voters get a mail in ballot.

We don’t vote enough in this country and a partial reason why is that many people are too busy to vote.

By sending out ballots to all registered voters, it will allow people to save time and give people the opportunity to become educated on what they are voting on. The ballot could be used as a study guide, if you will.

Doing this for potential voters could increase voter turnout, which is obviously important.

We think this system could make it easier to tally votes because they trickle throughout a few months. That would allow people tallying the votes to take their time, an improvement over the current system.

A column in the Denver Post said one concern about this amendment is that it could be a security threat to voters because the ballots will have the names of the voters on them.

We think that is not a big enough security threat to warrant shooting this amendment down.

There are many things that have names on the envelope that one could say is an even bigger security threat, credit card bills being one example. They have financial information and a name.

Another concern was the opportunity for greater fraud and mismanagement.

However, with any system, there are opportunities for fraud and mismanagement.

Whatever the solution, we need a consistent system that minimizes potential problems.

We think Amendment 28 is a step in the right direction.

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