Letter to the editor

Sep 122002
Authors: Stacy Webber

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor titled “U.S. should follow U.N. Charter” which

appeared Monday the 9th.

The author, Mr. Richard Shaffer, presents a wringing of hands approach to American foreign policy. I was struck by the loyalty and trust he places in the United Nations. (Please note that the U.N. does not answer to the citizens of the United States – we do not vote them in or out of office.)

I strongly believe the United States should stay out of the quarrels of other nations, however, terrorist nations, such as Iraq, have made it personal.

I am not willing to have my hands tied by the Lilliputians of the world. If you enjoy socialism’s phony fairness and security then move to France and stop trying to weaken the nation that provides money, food, protection and education to the rest of the world – if this ship sinks so do all the rats on board.

Richard, there is no such thing as Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy or “world peace”. It’s time for you to let go of these “pipe dreams” and wake up to the reality that there is evil in the world.

To sit back and wait for further atrocities to be committed before we take action defies reason – we’ve already suffered a direct hit. If selfish dictators and beaurocats are “mad” at us because we didn’t beg their permission first, so be it. I’m sure they’ll get over it by the next time they need something – if not, at least they’ll know what it’s like to have to go at it alone.

Stacy Webber

CSU graduate

Fort Collins resident

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