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Authors: Alicia Leonardi

After the first couple weeks of school, college nightlife may appear to be routine. However, none can dispute the fact that last Saturday at the Lincoln Center was quite literally magical.

In front of a sold out crowd, eight mystifying magicians and one hilarious host wowed an all-too-eager audience. As families watched, amazed at the illusions taking place before their eyes, the performers got to enjoy another night in the spotlight, living out their lifelong dreams.

“Whatever you do… be passionate about your job.” French headliner Gaetan Bloom said. “I was always sure I was going to be a magician.”

Kevin James, famed performer who joins Bloom from his home base in LasVegas, found himself drawn to the undeniable power of illusion.

“Magic is a vast and wonderful world; there is so much to it that the public never sees.” James said. “The optics, psychology and physics of it give it such a rich history… It is one of the world’s first art forms. In the beginning of mankind the magicians were the wise men of the tribe, the ones who everyone went to for advice and counsel.”

Though the show at the Lincoln Center appeared to be flawlessly executed, the performers revealed that things are not always as they appear.

“You start to really know your act when you have made every mistake possible.” Bloom said, “some things just aren’t under your control but there are ways of hiding that from the audience. Comedy especially makes it easy to hide any mistake.”

Though every performer had humorous aspects in his/her repertoire, laughter is not the elusive key to good magic.

“Each individual magician needs to put his own signature style in his tricks so that they can be the best they can be,” magician and photographer Dwight Anderson said, “I think they do an excellent job of conveying that here.”

At the ninth annual Magic in the Rockies Convention there are no spectators, each and every attendant, dealer and performer carries themselves with an air of mystery which feeds on the amazed looks of the audience, regardless of whether that audience numbers one or 100.

“My wife, son and daughter had our own show going for a while. Those were the greatest years of my life,” Ed Groves, a Pueblo based professional magician dealing at the convention, said.

Despite the difficulty and fierce competitiveness of the magic business, for some the fire of magic never extinguishes.

“It seems like every kids wants to grow up to be a magician, some of us just never grow out of it,” Groves said.

Like most other artistic endeavors, a knack for slight of hand comes not from thin air, but rather from practice, practice and more practice.

“The real art form for me is creating a technique so good that it is invisible, then you can focus in on how you want to make the audience feel. After all, the real magic happens in you head, not on the stage.” James said.

James and Bloom, good friends as well as magical colleagues, met in Paris and have remained friends as their unique styles have carried them to top magic shows all over the world.

” We are more than comrades,” Bloom said “We get together and spend days talking about anything and everything.”

James introduced Bloom to The Crazy Horse, a top European nightclub in Paris where Bloom headlines regularly. The club has a long-standing reputation for having the best acts in the world.

Despite their world renown talent, Bloom and James chose to come to the annual Magic in the Rockies convention because “They sought us out, and I finally had room in my schedule,” James said “This convention was extremely well organized, we had about 250 attend and that is the perfect number for a magic show. They treat their performers great, I wish all conventions were run like this one.”

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