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Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

At the senate meeting for the Associated Students of CSU on Wednesday night the senators voted to send a bill involving a new student memorial flag process to committee.

The bill outlines a memorial process to follow in the event that a student enrolled at CSU dies. The bill as it is currently written offers the idea that a CSU flag be flown at half-staff in the event of a student death. After the flag has flown for three days, it would then be presented to the family of the student.

According to Jason Huitt, a senator for the College of Natural Sciences, a bill like this has been a topic of discussion before. Last year the bill was sent to committee but failed to develop.

“The people involved did try to keep (the bill) going,” said Huitt, a junior studying computer science. “It was a disappointment it didn’t go through.”

One reason Huitt believes the former bill didn’t follow through was the amount of effort involved in such a process.

“It takes a lot of time and effort,” Huitt said, of starting a new tradition. “It’s possible our sights were set too high (last time).”

Lauren Salyers, a senator for Applied Human Sciences, hopes this bill continues to evolve.

“I think it’s a great way to honor (the passing of a student) and show that we care,” said Salyers, a junior in apparel design and merchandizing.

From here, the bill will be sent to a committee where it will be refined, before it comes back before the senate, Huitt said.

Brittanie Sarazen, a freshman open option seeking business student, likes the idea of the memorial flag.

“I think students should be memorialized,” said Sarazen. “It’s a nice gesture.”

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