Sep 112002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yesterday was a day of reflection. A day to remember those killed a year ago. A day to look forward, while still looking in the rearview mirror and seeing the tragedy that changed our path.

Most Americans thought about the firefighters, police officers, citizens and heroes who died last Sept. 11.

Some people took the day to remember others who have died, some of those connected to Sept. 11, some not.

Some people mourned the freedoms and civil liberties lost since the attacks, and the countless innocent victims who continue to die in conflicts around the world.

We saw a few of these people on the Plaza and in Old Town while CSU and Fort Collins held ceremonies to remember victims of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania attacks.

They had signs but did not say much, unless approached. They have a different perspective on the events and the current state of the world than a lot of us do. But they were not violent, nor disrespectful.

They let us mourn, but wanted to remind us that thousands of innocent people died in Afghanistan, some from American bombs gone astray. Thousands more have died in Iraq, and more will certainly die if the United States chooses to invade. And thousands of Palestinians have died and continue to die in the continuing conflict in the Middle East.

It was good to see people peacefully and respectfully protesting, and it was equally good that those who disagreed with them let them exercise their rights to freely assemble.

What makes our country great is the ability to speak freely and to disagree. On a day of heightened sensitivity and emotions, we showed all those in attendance the greatness of America.

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