Letter to the editor

Sep 102002

To the Editor:

The “Building credit or building debt?” headline on Thursday’s (August 29th) Collegian was a timely message for students. Managing one’s finances while the credit card offers keep coming can be a challenge.

Every semester DM 320 Finance – Personal and Family is offered (including an online section). Whether for personal use or in a professional capacity to provide guidance for others, this course is well worth exploring. Ever wonder why we spend so little time and effort learning to manage/use our incomes in contrast to how much time spent learning how to earn it?

Consumer Credit Counseling, an accredited and long-time community agency, provides a valuable service as it educates people about effective financial and credit management. They do like to prevent problems so don’t wait until debt is stressful and you are having trouble making even the minimum payments.

Note that their offices are at 1247 Riverside (not 126 W. Harvard). Also they have offices in most areas communities so that commuters may find a local office (Greeley, Loveland, etc.) more convenient. The Fort Collins’ office is open for walk-ins from 4 – 6 pm every Wednesday and from 10 am – 2 pm every Friday.

Carole J. Makela

CSU Graduate Program Coordinator Professor

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