Sep 102002
Authors: Zac Wiggy

Fort Collins residents will only be allowed to water their lawns once a week beginning Sept. 27, the Fort Collins City Council decided Tuesday night.

City ordinance 135 was passed unanimously by the city council, amending earlier water regulations. The watering are the council’s response to the drought facing Colorado, but the council also acknowledged that it needed to take measures to conserve water used in other ways than residential watering.

The new ordinance is expected to save the city 160 to 196 million gallons of water this year, according to data presented by Mike Smith, general manager of utilities.

In addition to the new limitation on watering days, the ordinance no longer requires that officers give offenders a warning on their first offense. Exemptions from the ordinance are granted for athletic fields, parts of golf courses and recently sodded or seeded areas.

“The best part about (the meeting) is that it’s a community problem,” said Christian Sirovatka, a member of the Associate Landscape Contractor of Colorado. “They acknowledged that we need to save water across the board.”

Brad Carahan, a graduate from CSU with a degree in agricultural engineering, also spoke at the meeting.

“People aren’t educated on how to properly and conservatively water,” he said. “You can more than adequately water the average-size lawn in Fort Collins in one day in the fall and spring.”

When you can water

If your address ends with 0-2 You can water from midnight to midnight on Saturday

Addresses ending in 3-6 can water on Sunday

Addresses ending in 7-9 can water on Friday

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