Letter to the Editor

Sep 092002

To the editor:

It is fairly obvious that Colorado Governor Bill Owens has national political aspirations. The fact that he only wants Colorado college students to hear only one side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – the Israeli side – suggests he is no different from most American politicians. He has announced to those in America who are passionately attached to the State of Israel – that he is another political prostitute willing to serve their interests.

What other conclusion is possible in light of his condemnation of the plans of Colorado College and the University of Colorado in Boulder to host the eminent Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi?

We have these kinds of political prostitutes in Wisconsin, too. On two occasions in a branch of the Wisconsin Legislature – the Wisconsin State Assembly containing 99 members – only 19 votes on one occasion and only 12 votes on the second occasion could be mustered to endorse a resolution calling upon Congress to investigate Israel’s “blatant murder” – of 34 American citizens – to use the language of George W. Ball, (undersecretary of state during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations) – by the State of Israel when it attacked the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967. (“The Passionate Attachment,” George W. Ball, p. 58).

This willingness of most American politicians to play the whore for Israel was no better described than by America’s former ambassador to the Sudan, Donald Bergus, when he said:

“At the State Department we used to predict that if Israel’s prime minister should announce that the world is flat, within 24 hours Congress would pass a resolution congratulating him on the discovery.” (“A Changing Image,” Richard Curtiss, p. 340).

So much for the pseudo-American, Bill Owens, the governor of Colorado.

Robert E. Nordlander

Menasha, Wis.

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