Sep 092002
Authors: Kyle Endres

The Lory Student Center Governing Board is helping to improve the operation and appearance of a building that most students visit on a daily basis.

The governing board is a group of students and faculty in charge of reviewing and improving the student center by working to meet the needs and desires of students, faculty and staff at CSU.

“(The governing board) purpose is to act as a source for feedback for students, staff and faculty to the directors and staff of the student center to better meet the needs or to continue meeting the needs of the students, staff and faculty,” said Beth Tucker, chair of the governing board.

The governing board started out as C-Board in 1962 with the opening of the student center. It changed into the governing board in the late 1960’s and has evolved through the years into its current role, said Karen McCormick, staff representative for the governing board.

The student center governing board serves an important role on campus and in the student center, said Michael Ellis, executive director of the student center.

“I think the governing board is what sets us apart from many of the buildings on campus,” said Ellis, also an advisor to the governing board. “The fact that (the student center is) student fee supported makes it critical that a group like the governing board exists.”

Tucker also feels the governing board is an essential part of the student center.

“I think that having the governing board shows that the student center wants to know what the students’ needs are and looks toward the board for those ideas and opinions,” Tucker said.

Recent projects the governing board has worked on include the student center 40th anniversary celebration, Centertainment, the raising of a CSU flag in the Sutherland Sculpture Garden and the moving of pool tables from the Commons area into the Ramskeller.

Students interested in finding out more about the governing board or interested in joining can look online at

“(The governing board is) a leadership opportunity and brings students a voice in the policies and procedures that govern the uses of the Lory Student Center,” said McCormick, also coordinator of special projects for the student center.

Students who are not a part of the governing board can give input on the student center by e-mailing the board or by attending a meeting.

“The governing board is really committed to making this year and the next years down the road as successful to everyone on campus as we possibly can be,” Tucker said.

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