Sep 092002
Authors: Lara Kath

Colorado State University’s traditional rush continues.

By Lara Kath

Sororities and fraternities welcomed new faces into their communities Monday, ending a week-long recruitment event: Rush.

Rush events for both fraternities and sororities began on Tuesday and ended Sunday. New recruits were accepted and chose which group they would like to join Monday.

The initiation rites are different for each sorority and are secret. Initiations are very meaningful, because of the memories for the older members and for the excitement and possibilities for the new members. But whatever they are,it can be a very emotional time for everyone.

“The real difference in sororities are the differences in people,” said Charlotte Bertrand, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Rush is when women can pick a sorority and men pick a fraternity they want to become a part of, if they so decide. It’s one of the oldest traditions on the CSU campus and there were between 500-600 women participating this year.

There have not been any hazing incidents associated with rush for the past four to five years.

“There will be no hazing to the newcomers and especially no disrespecting them,” said Panhellenic PR Director Kate Arganese.

If there is hazing the sorority or fraternity could be fined or it could lose its charter, among other punishments.

Greek life accepts anyone who is willing to go through initiation. During sorority rush people affiliated with all the sororities shows groups of 20-25 women each sorority.

Sororities recruit by sending out fliers to incoming freshmen and helping them move into the dorms.

Both fraternities and sororities have booths that give out information about Greek life and rush during the first weeks of school.

Unlike fraternities, sororities are not allowed to encourage women to rush their particular sorority, but they can encourage Greek life in general and answer questions.

The fraternities can encourage men to join their specific fraternities.

“It’s a great way to meet people,” said Calvin Garland, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

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