Sep 052002
Authors: Jon Ackerman

You ever acted too early on something? Guys are really prone to doing so.

Like when a cute girl smiles at me on campus, I tend to think she’s another interested one, but really she’s just another friendly person.

For example, this one time, a buddy of mine got a hug from a girl.

No big deal, right? Only he has this philosophy that there’s two types of hugs: one that just a friend gives you and another that someone who’s more than just a friend gives you. Misjudge the subtle difference between these hugs and you’re walking on a minefield.

On this particular occurrence, my friend got the more-than-just-a-friend vibes. So, next time he saw her, he drank his liquid confidence and made his move, only to get shut down as quickly as the CU locker room following a loss to CSU.

You can’t take these early signs for what they are. Let them develop further.

Then when he got up the nerve one night, he popped the “L” word. She was taken aback, she didn’t respond the way he had planned out, and they broke up two weeks later ’cause things “we’re moving too fast.”

You just can’t jump the gun. Wait ’til you’re dead positive before making any bold proclamations.

Sports media has a real problem acting prematurely. All preseason polls are an example of this. And I can’t lie; I’ve been victim of doing so once or twice. It’s fun to be bold.

But now I’m letting things play out first. So, with our CSU football team sitting on top of the Colorado football world with a 2-0 record and No. 19 national ranking, please don’t mention the acronym BCS. It’s too early to be talking that b.s.

Sure, they knocked off a team from a power conference and the then-No. 7 team in the nation. But it’s only two games, with 11 left to play, starting Saturday against perennial PAC-10 power UCLA.

Sports Illustrated’s power rankings have CSU at No. 14, ahead of Michigan and Washington, and it’s already been broadcasted on ESPN that the Rams could be this year’s Fresno State.

Yeah, the Bulldogs had a nice run and were put on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Then they lost to Boise State. Fresno beat CU, Oregon State and Wisconsin – all teams from those big conferences – then lost to Boise State, which hails from the good ol’ WAC. You know, Nevada’s on our schedule this year. Maybe they’ll be this year’s Boise State.

Or, for that matter, they could be this year’s Hawaii. BYU took a 12-0 mark into its game with the Rainbows and was in the process of suing the BCS for not inviting them to a major bowl game, which only the major conferences are supposed to attend.

The Cougars then received a colorful spanking and failed to win its bowl game against Louisville. The BCS would have been more of a joke had it invited the Cougars to one of its four bowls.

So just leave all the “CSU’s gonna crash the BCS” talk at home. I’m impressed with the Rams’ two wins thus far, and I’ll go nuts should they make it 3-0. But they won’t mean a thing to the BCS should CSU falter anywhere along the way.

I’ve got shot down enough times to learn when not to put my foot in my mouth. And my mom always told me to learn from my mistakes.

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