Sep 042002
Authors: Oliver Cook

Quit supporting Palestine unconditionally, it could seriously damage your reputation as a respectable armchair politician.

Know all the facts and don’t jump on every single “humanitarian” cause. You’ll only succeed in demonstrating your ignorance to those around you who could have the analytical skills that allow them to see the Palestinian question for what it actually is: the Arab world using a people they care relatively little about to air their gripes against the United States and the West in a proxy war against Israel.

For decades, Arab statesmen have engaged the West in a bid for regional, and ultimately global power using their sea of oil as the ultimate bargaining chip. American-supported Israel threatens their power base as it acts as a balance to the authoritarian rulership of numerous countries in the region.

The only weapon the United States has – outside of conventional military forces – to fight the excess greed has emerged from the massive oil reserves of the Mid-East.

The issue of Palestinian statehood is broader than just nationhood. It is about the global balance of power. If unbalanced, we could be headed for another oil crisis like the ones imposed by Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in the 1970’s.

These incidents nearly brought the United States to its knees due to its reliance of gas guzzling cars (unlike Sport Utility Vehicles), the fact that everybody owns one (no mass-transportation), and a slow moving alternative energy program – unless you think windmills will blow all your problems away.

Maintaining a cheap supply of oil is unfortunate because our national security and status rests upon it. Also, we will continue to be dependant on this non-renewable resource for decades to come.

Aside from the geo-political reasons for United States support of Israel, Bob Lawrence, political science department chair at CSU told me, “the United States traditionally tilts toward Israel because of the influence of American Jews, the lack of such influence by Palestinians. Further, this Christian nation is aware that Christians have been the primary problem for Jews, and the United States did not do much to help during World War II, so many Americans feel the nation has a moral obligation to protect Israel now.”

I don’t think the PLO or its predecessors were quite so noble in their thinking when they were learning terror tactics from former Nazis.

Whatever your beliefs are about the creation of a Palestinian state, just remember that they are not angelic righteous beings. They are men and women, desperate for a home.

Instead of accusing Israel of causing all of Palestine’s problems, perhaps one should look at their Arab neighbors who refuse to give them a home and perpetuate a sense of hopelessness and the belief that guerrilla and terrorist struggles will give them a homeland.

It doesn’t take a blind sage to figure out the blame is diffuse, traveling the invisible webs of power which make up our interconnected world.

So next time you hear about the Israeli military shooting a Palestinian child, possibly in response to a Palestinian suicide bombing, realize that these are not isolated incidents in a struggle for independence, but the physical machinations of a cold, heartless war between the East and West.

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