Sep 042002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Nymbis, Tara Lee Walling and George’s August Brew entertained passers-by and dedicated fans Saturday, Aug. 24 in Old Town Square. The show was free and many people enjoyed it while dining on patios between 6 and 10 p.m.

Nymbis, from New Mexico, have a laid-back funk sound featuring excellent guitar skills. Their chill harmony adds to the very unique sound for a relaxing overall effect. They have toured around Fort Collins and play fairly regularly at Linden’s.

George’s August Brew, who performed after Nymbis, really grabs the attention of anyone who happens to hear them. The band, originally from North Dakota, consists of August Poehls, 23, George Whalen, 23, Joshua Brewinski, 21, and Nate Brown, 26.

August plays the tenor and alto saxophones, the spoons, raps and provides vocals for the group. He can play several other band instruments and has been playing the sax for 13 years. He also toured Europe with a jazz ensemble.

George has five years of experience playing the guitar and he writes the lyrics he sings for George’s August Brew. Although George writes the lyrics, August mentioned that the whole band adds “a culmination of influences for [writing] the music.”

Joshua plays the bass and is an abstract design artist when he is not with the band.

Nate plays the drums and joined the group a year and a half ago. He started out as a punk drummer but joined George’s August Brew not too long after he “fell in love with the drummer from Dave Matthews Band; his style.”

The band left North Dakota, and their original drummer, to play coffee shops and bookstores for 6 months while looking for a new drummer. Since then, the group has played several venues in Fort Collins. Mishawaka was Nate and August’s favorite, along with the Aggie, and George enjoyed Diamond’s the most so far.

The band has also toured around Utah, New Mexico, North Dakota and Minnesota. They relocated to Fort Collins two years ago, where they say the scene is unpredictable. When they play in the mid-west everybody loves them and remembers their name. They describe their style as mid-western rock with a heavy blues/jazz influence.

During their performance in Old Town, the group performed mostly all original music, with a few covers of classics. August mixed in some sick rhymes with the band’s up-beat rhythm-oriented sound. He also played short, recognizable sax riffs from “The Simpsons” and “La Cucaracha,” while dancing barefoot and shooting comedic glances at the audience and other band members.

The band attracted fans with their unique sound, while more people accumulated by the stage to dance and listen as the show went on. People of all ages, dogs and original fans from North Dakota were everywhere, dancing around and enjoying themselves while August played a mean, uninhibited sax. His slick sax skills sounded superb alongside George’s awesome harmonica and vocals.

Nate never missed a beat and pushed the band’s ever-changing sound perfectly along. Joshua’s bass added more depth and beauty to the band, to make their sound complete.

August describes the band as, “Easily enjoyable; definitely marketable.” They incorporated bluegrass, hip-hop, jazz and much more into their set so no matter the age group or genre of music you prefer, George’s August Brew will appeal to you. You can catch them about once a month right here in Fort Collins and at ski resorts soon.

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