Sep 042002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Brief CD Reviews

Not Just Mainstream

1. Jimmy Fallon-The Bathroom Wall:

Hilarious songs (including Idiot Boyfriend). Great impressions! Laugh-out-loud live college stand-up. Only 36 minutes long, but he is so talented and funny, it’s worth it.

2. Sinisstar-Future Shock

Hard rock, ’70-80s style rock mixed with Marilyn Manson/metal sounds. This one has a parental advisory, so you know the cursing is abundant, as are their lyrical clich/s, also found in today’s modern rock. You might like them if you like Guns ‘N Roses, who recently performed at MTV’s Video Music Awards, (much to Jimmy Fallon’s delight).

3. Billy Tolles-Chapulteset

Scattered jazz with lots of sax. Some bluesy and slow songs, all live. Very good for chillin’ out at home alone. Listen to this if you can appreciate a talented saxophonist.

4. Mad at Gravity-Resonance

Alternative California-style rock reminiscent of Hoobastank and Incubus. Somewhat repetitive and whiny. Most of the songs are pretty slow and no songs stand out or feature the talent of one member of the band individually. Therefore, not as good as Hoobastank.

5. Bonez-Nervous

Good party music from a LOCAL artist. Good rap with slick beats and quick rhyming (not like Cam’ron and his slow skills). Hot (LOCAL) female vocalists also guest star.

6. Danny Brant Band

Depressing, slow mid-west rock with some live songs. One reggae-inspired song is still too slow to fully enjoy.

7. Soluna-For All Time

Soulful romantic music with pop-like lyrics about love and the ever-mysterious perfect man. Features hip-hop beats and a few songs in Spanish.

8. Midtown-Living Well Is The Best Revenge

More California rockers. These ones sound just like Blink 182, so if you like them, check out this album.

9. Sparta-Wiretap Scars

Shouting vocals over slow punk rock music. Some interesting vocal tricks reminiscent of Tool, but without the inspired lyrics (if you can even understand them).

10. Meadowlark Jivin! -Have you ever seen…

Awesome semi-LOCAL band (they’re from Boulder). Jazz, funk and blues with amazing talent publicized in each band member. Some songs are live, which sparks desire to see them in person. Very chill.

***10 more CD briefs will be in next weeks Dish, along with a review of the Beat Junkies show on Friday, September 6, 2002.

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