Sep 042002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

The proposed change to smoking regulations in Fort Collins was the main topic at the senate meeting for the Associated Students of CSU on Wednesday night.

A guest speaker was in attendance to discuss the proposed Fort Collins City Council ban on smoking. Several students contributed to the forum with their opinions on the proposed ban.

“I think it’s unconstitutional and violates civil rights,” said Richard Maxwell, a sophomore business student. “(The new smoking regulations would) make people feel guilty for going into a bar.”

Dave Edwards, a junior in environmental science, had a counter argument on the subject.

“I don’t feel smokers have a right to infringe on my rights,” Edwards said. ” I don’t believe smoking has a place in any public space.”

Sarah Fox, an environmental planner for Fort Collins, was present at the meeting to try and clear up the confusion on what the city is currently trying to do with the ordinance that would enforce stricter smoking restrictions.

Fox said that in January the city council became interested in the smoking issue. The Larimer County Board of Health has been pressuring the council to adopt stricter regulations.

Fox stressed that right now the city council is gathering information on how the citizens feel about more strict regulations.

“Why we are here is because we haven’t heard from CSU students,” Fox said.

Christine Paguyo, a publicity and marketing assistant for the environmental planning department, encourages people to make their opinions known.

“The council does want to hear from everyone,” Paguyo said.

The deadline for comments either via the Web site ( or comment cards is Monday, Sept. 9. On Sept. 24, the information will be presented to the council and they will make their decision.

Ryan Miccio, the assistant director of student empowerment for ASCSU, felt that having Fox come into clarify what is going on in the smoking issue was helpful for students.

“Students were confused on what was going on,” said Miccio, a sophomore political science student. “(The guest speakers) were helpful. They helped clear it up.”

Students can visit the ASCSU office and the Hartshorn Health Services to drop off comment cards, and can also visit the city government website to post their comments.

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