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Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

The College of Business at CSU has a new dean. Ajay Menon, assistant dean for the past three years, was hired to replace the retiring Dan Costello.

Menon has been with CSU for 12 years. Originally the assistant professor in marketing, Menon was hired as the assistant dean in 1999, making him responsible for all the internal operations for the College of Business.

Menon is excited about how far the school has come in the past few years and wants to keep it heading in the right direction.

“The vision we have laid out is to be the best business school in Colorado,” Menon said.

Tom Ingram, an associate dean for the school, said that Menon has what it takes to lead the school of business.

Ingram has worked closely with Menon since 1995 when Menon was with the marketing department.

“I think he’ll do a wonderful job. (Menon) is very high energy,” Ingram said. “His enthusiasm is contagious. I think he’s perfectly suited for the job.”

Menon said he believes the foundation is already set, with a great staff, but they hope to attract more students.

“Our intent is to increase the number of National Honor Society, valedictorian students (that come here),” Menon said.

In order to attract these students, Menon added, you need a great curriculum. Menon said he looks to schools such as North Carolina, UCLA and UC Berkley as the benchmark for good business schools.

“We have a world class faculty, but many faculty are set to retire in three years,” Menon said. “We hope to attract good replacements.”

Menon said his staff is ready to continue the good work the college has been doing.

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