Life best lived at college

Sep 022002
Authors: Vince Adams

I was a little sad after I left the football game on Saturday.

The game couldn’t have been any better, but I realized that will be my last CSU – CU game as a student.

College has been a long road and has been the greatest experience in my life.

I started college a little differently than most of you guys reading this and I hope to share my experience to make you appreciate what you have.

I never finished high school. I dropped out at the age of 17, mainly because of my incredible indifference with the public educational system and being an outcast from my peers.

In middle school my parents divorced and I lived with my father. Shortly after the divorce, my father lost his job and he and I became homeless, living in and out of the car and in and out of motel rooms – when we were lucky.

Because I was poor, I never looked like the other kids and I never attended school.

I was always an outcast and that helped in my decision to drop out.

I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken and moved out of my mom’s house. KFC made a good living for me and I made a lot of good friends, but I knew I wanted more out of life than what KFC could give me.

I wanted to go back to school.

This would be tough considering I left high school early and had to catch up – a lot.

But I did. I went to a community college in Littleton, Colo. and earned enough credits to get here. I never finished high school.

From a humble beginning, I got to CSU and have been very successful here. I have met some of the greatest people in the world, both on campus and at The Collegian.

I have almost completed my education and I will have a degree and opportunities ahead that I would never had had otherwise.

College has allowed me to become a better person and, even though I look forward to opportunities after college, I am sad because life is not better lived anywhere else than on a college campus – especially here at Colorado State.

So please, enjoy your stay here, cherish every memory, and jump on every opportunity you get here.

Reader Response

I got a couple responses from last week (Protest group deserves protest – about Matt Shepard) and I wish I could print them all. If you want to organize a counter protest, feel free to call me at the Collegian – 491-6160 – or e-mail me.

Here is one response.

“I am writing to thank you for writing and to give thanks to the editors for publishing your article. (Protest Group Deserves Protest, Opinion, Aug. 27) I have a hard time coming to the realization that people like those who plan on staging the protest actually exist.

I am from Santa Fe, NM, which is a very liberal city with a very high homosexual population. I remember hearing about Matthew Shepard and cringing. We have to do something to show them, and other people like them, that this is not acceptable. Not in any element, and especially not as members of the same human race and global community.”

Rachael Kissling

Human Development and Family Studies


I always welcome reader response and I will always print what I can.

Always include name, year and major. Thank you.

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