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Sep 022002

I do not believe that the parents and school board of Cobb county are saying that the theory of creation is the only way to believe or is any better then the theory of evolution. Though some parents may be on the extreme, every group has them.

The school board of Cobb county, I’m sure, is smart enough to know that if they did try to push one theory more then the other they would not only have the government on their case but most everyone in the country. They seem to be simply saying that if children wish to discuss and challenge what they are being taught they should be allowed to do so.

As Mr. Hamner said, “Theories should be open to paradigmatic changes and scientific revolutions.” The theory of creation has scientific proof, just as the theory of evolution can find scientific proof. I say that if children want to explore, let them, even if they wish to consider Gnomishism. I’m sure whatever the children’s religions are they will be more open then us to other ideas about the world around them, and may come up with a belief that none of us ever thought of. If we try to keep the same ideas and only teach them what we have been taught then are we only holding back possible scientific discovery. I’m not saying to teach religion in schools and I don’t believe the people of Cobb County are either. I think they are just saying to let the children explore all scientific avenues.

If you wish to see how much science there is in creationism, there are many Web sites that show scientific and archeological evidence just as there is with the science of evolution. I have found that Pastor Arnold Murray (who is non-denominational) has done a lot of research and studied scientific proof of creation in depth. There is also a Web site that gives both sides of the issue without saying either side is wrong located at http://physics.syr.edu/courses/modules/ORIGINS/origins.html.

Again, I am not saying that either theory is better, that is not for me to say, but I see no problem letting children explore. They may just even prove us all wrong.

Jamie Kinder


Equine Science

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