Letter to the editor

Aug 292002

To the editor:

In reading the article in Thursday’s edition about the street-preaching family on the plaza, I was struck by the views expressed in the column.

In our tremendously politically correct society, we have come to the point where denigration of any religion is not publicly tolerated, except it seems for Christianity.

Now I am not writing to defend the tactics of these street preachers, for perhaps it was this in-your-face style that drew the mocking and scorn of those passing by, but I wonder, if these preachers were of any other religious persuasion would the reaction have been the same? Instead, would some members of the crowd have defended their right to express their views in the name of religious freedom and freedom of expression?

It is these same rights that are bandied about whenever other religious groups receive press, but nowhere in this article was that ever mentioned. Isn’t it about time for equal treatment for Christianity? Shouldn’t religious tolerance extend to Christians as well?

Tim Allmann

Graduate Student

Civil Engineering

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