Aug 282002
Authors: Brendan Burns

The ASCSU leadership would like to congratulate everyone who helped make the distribution of tickets for the CSU-CU game on Saturday a success. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of all those who waited in line for tickets and are happy to announce that this year’s ticket sales were completed without any major difficulties. Last year there were serious problems such as sexual assaults, alcohol poisonings and other violent incidents.

We, your student government, want to inform you why all the changes were made to the distribution process. The administration was concerned about all of the problems last year and wished to distribute the tickets randomly over the internet. However, that way no one would have been able to sit with their friends. ASCSU fought hard to make sure that this would not happen.

A large coalition of people and organizations met with the administration several times to come up with a compromise. What happened on Saturday was the result of that compromise. This year is the first time we have tried this approach and are very pleased that it worked so successfully. The Association for Student Activity Programming contributed immensely with concerts and other programming throughout the day.

Many people have wondered why we did not just hand out tickets instead of using placeholders. In the past when we sold tickets at 7 a.m., students camped out so they could get the best tickets. That is how all the problems arose. We bumped the time up 12 hours hoping that students would only line up 12 hours prior to when we started selling tickets. The place card system was used to eliminate one person saving a spot for 50 friends who show up right before the tickets go on sale.

Many students were very unhappy at having to wait in line all day long to get a ticket. The choice to wait in line all day was that of the students, nobody else. Many students did not arrive until 8:30 p.m., those students obviously just wanted tickets; they were not concerned about getting the “good” seats. Those students only spent 20 minutes waiting in line.

We understand the tradition of camping out has been eliminated by this new procedure. However, we believe the advantages of the new system outweigh the disadvantages and hope that we have started a new tradition on a more positive note. This was a compromise that was not easy to come by and many people were concerned it might not work. However, you, the students, have proven everyone wrong. Great job and GO RAMS!

If anybody has any questions, comments or suggestions, I invite you to stop by the ASCSU office anytime and share them with us.

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