Letter to the editor

Aug 282002

As the year begins, organizations try to inform the student body of upcoming meetings and events to boost membership. We at College Republicans were no different. Over the first weekend, we put up a lot of fliers to announce our first meetings of the year and a little something to expect. Expectedly, most were taken down, but what struck me was that orange signs saying “Democrats” were placed over a few of them as well.

If the Democrats wish to be the better of the two student political organizations, we would hope they wouldn’t do so by covering up what we’ve done. We encourage the College Democrats to pursue new recruits and inform others, but not at our expense. If they wish to take us on in a way that is democratic and epitomizes free speech and expression… well then, fine by us. If they’re willing to do so is yet to be seen, though. I can guarantee you that when we REPOST our informational fliers; it won’t be over the ones that belong to the Democrats.

Obviously, we think we’re the better of the organizations. But some don’t, and that’s what makes our country great. You can express your distaste with our organization and/or party as a whole. But don’t do it, and then try to quiet us in the process. We never have and never will stand for being silenced.

Robert Lee

2002-2003 Co-chairperson

CSU College Republicans

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