Aug 282002
Authors: Colleen Buhrer

CSU professor Dr. Klaus D. Hoffmann, 70, died on Aug. 26. He had been an associate professor of German since 1967. He is survived by his wife, Wanda Hoffmann; two children, Robert Hoffmann and Lisa Nelson; and one grandchild. One grandchild preceded him in death.

Dr. Hoffmann was born in Flensburg, Germany. He acquired his undergraduate degree in education in Dortmund. Later he received his masters at the North East Missouri State Teachers College and his Ph.D. in German at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Hoffmann was involved in organizing German film studies, and the German film club.

“He has such enormously varied interests and talents,” said Sara Saz, chairwoman for the foreign languages and literature department. “He was such a multi-faceted person.”

Dr. Hoffmann spoke Spanish along with German, and frequently participated in El Centro, Saz said.

Dr. Hoffmann was well known as a demanding teacher, but was still very kind, causing many students to seek out his classes, Saz said.

Patrick McElroy, a senior majoring in history and minoring in German, mentioned that Dr. Hoffmann also participated in the Larimer County Search and Rescue Team. McElroy was previously a student in three classes taught by Dr. Hoffmann.

“He has this way about him,” McElroy said. “It was entertaining to be in his class. He loves art and music with a passion, it was amazing to be in his class.”

Dr. Hoffmann was well known around the department.

“He was infamous in the department for his wide repertoire of excruciatingly bad jokes and puns, and enlivened many a dull department meeting with his mischievous sense of humor,” Saz said.

A Memorial Mass is scheduled for 7 p.m. today at Holy Family Catholic Church, 326 N. Whitcomb St.

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