Aug 282002
Authors: Alicia Leonardi

On Monday, freshman reactions to the first day of classes were as diverse and varied as the freshmen themselves.

Some found it incredibly overwhelming: “I had like a 230 person class.” Freshman Claire Graney said. “I came from a really small high school so it was kind of a shock.”

Yet others said it did not live up to the expectations they held of the large university environment.

“Classes weren’t that big, the classes I had in high school were bigger. I thought there were going to be like 300 people in a class.” Freshman Brent Robertson said.

Many breezed through their first day with great ease.

“It’s really easy so far,” freshman David Groth said. “I met a lot of people and it doesn’t seem too hard yet.”

Meanwhile, other students encountered some obstacles. “I was looking forward to getting to class but it is so big here I feel like I have to be really early or I’m gonna get lost,” freshman Krista Burton said.

Overall, most freshmen enjoyed spending less time in the classroom than they did in high school.

“I like only having two classes a day.” freshman Graham Murty said.

In a day that marks the opening of a new chapter in the lives of these new students, many learned a very important lesson, almost nothing is all positive or all negative.

Some required classes will ignite newfound passions and others will simply extinguish happiness.

“I really enjoyed history class dealing with the sixties and that type of thing but physics makes me want to cry.” freshman Cara Vecchiarelli said.

Soon enough, these young students will learn that bawling, belly laughs and all that is in between comes with the territory that is called college.

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