Aug 282002
Authors: Jessup Borra

Members of the Associated Students of CSU student government began Wednesday night’s meeting by discussing several events including a Freshman Welcoming Campaign aimed at orienting newcomers to CSU.

Among the events planned is a root beer float “kegger,” scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 12, in the Lory Student Center main ballroom.

Marketing Director Brady Wicken expressed concern that “Nite Light,” the late night bus transit system, is not being used by students. Roughly $15,000 has been invested in the transit system thus far.

In addition, six new committees were formed. The Internal Affairs Committee, Media Relations Committee, Environmental Committee, Academics Committee, Community/Student Issues Committee and Student Empowerment Committee were established and some members were chosen.

Guest speakers Patty Bigner, Fort Collins Utilities Department customer connections manager and Laurie D’Audney, Fort Collins water conservation specialist, spoke at the meeting to present information on the current drought in Colorado.

They cited CSU students as one of the top consumers of water in the city, and asked student government for their support in encouraging students to monitor their water usage.

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