Aug 272002
Authors: Colleen Buhrer

Just press zero to find out almost anything there is to know about CSU.

“Just call and ask, and if we don’t know the answer we will find someone who does,” said Pat Schwartz, a telephone operator.

Telephone operators transfer people, look up phone numbers, take care of calls about broken phones or faxes, provide authorization codes for faculty, staff and students, update directories, and arrange conference calls of up to 35 people, Schwartz said. They can also call the police department in case of an emergency and have 911 access.

The most common calls the operators get are for finding phone numbers or transferring people, but often people call with things they are confused about.

“Students can get confused about our system,” according to Schwartz.

Often, students need help with their voicemail or long distance codes when living in the dorms, she said.

The operators are always there and willing to help.

Schwartz said, “Students need to know to not be afraid to call and ask us for help. They should just dial zero if they want help.”

Becky Tyler, general professional in the telecommunications department, knows how important the operators are.

“They are the first link when anyone comes to campus. They get the respective student and parent where they need to go,” Tyler said.

Schwartz has been working at CSU for 23 years. She spent the first 15 years at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and they last eight working as an operator.

Schwartz says that she thoroughly enjoys her job.

“The students are extremely polite and well-mannered,” Schwartz said. “They are just fantastic.”

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