Aug 252002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We proved it: we can behave ourselves.

The changes made for this year’s ticket distribution appeared at first glance to be unorganized, and we were worried we would see some of last year’s problems repeated.

Instead, things went smoothly.

The entertainment activities added something to this tradition. Many in line seemed to enjoy the acting skits and Brian Jones had a new audience for his “Little Shop of Physics.”

However, we think there could have been more entertainment, especially earlier in the day.

The placeholder tickets were also a huge success. It must have given many students peace of mind knowing their spot was safe and they were virtually assured a ticket.

The placeholder ticket concept still had a few kinks that should be ironed out by next year, however. Many students were in line only to get the placeholder ticket and came back later to get the game ticket, while others were in line all day. Either make people stay in line or let everyone leave.

Having three lines was another great improvement – it helped disperse the tension of the gathered throng and made it easier to organize lines and students.

Another improvement was keeping the Lory Student Center open so students could escape the sun, get a drink or use the restrooms.

CSUPD initially reported no excessive problems and spirits seemed to be good, especially considering people waited in line for several hours in the heat.

The heat was the only thing not well-accounted for (even with sunscreen, many members of this editorial board still got burned) and the tickets could have been distributed earlier, before the sun began to really beat down. Allowing tickets to go on sale earlier in the day would have made the process go a lot more smoothly.

If the positive changes made this year are kept, we feel that they could easily be adapted to allow students to camp out overnight next year. At least to save us from the sun.

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