Aug 252002
Authors: Kyle Endres

A far cry from last year’s eventful ticket sale, Saturday’s sale for this year’s CSU-CU Rocky Mountain Showdown on Aug. 31 went by smoothly and uneventfully.

The ticket sale this year had a different approach than in years past. Instead of students camping out the night before, as they did last year, students waited in line during the day and tickets went on sale at 6 p.m. Saturday.

Students were allowed to pick up one free student ticket with an option to buy one $45 guest ticket.

The reason for the policy change this year was the high number of intoxicated students, disturbances and the amount of trash left behind last year, said Sergeant Ed Bozic of CSU Police Department.

“We’re trying to eliminate camping,” Bozic said. “We noticed that when people start camping, they bring couches and chairs that they leave behind and it’s a lot of trash to clean.”

Mike Moore, a sophomore landscape architecture major, found this year’s ticket sale effective.

“The volunteers were very helpful,” Moore said. “(The sale) was well-maintained and coordinated.”

Other students wished they had been allowed to camp out this year.

“This whole process is another way of CSU taking away our traditions,” said junior Chad Turner, an open option seeking business major. “Doing (the sale) during the day is just not the same.”

An additional change from last year’s ticket sale was a change from one line and one ticket table to three lines leading to different ticket tables. There was one line leading through the Plaza and two lines going out the student center’s west side near the sculpture garden.

Entertainment for all three lines line included the Jive Cats, Soon to be Famous, KCSU booths broadcasting music, the Little Shop of Physics, and a dunk tank that allowed students to dunk students wearing “CU fan” T-shirts.

Additionally, students were given placeholder tickets that allowed them to leave the line without relinquishing their spot. The plan was to give out 2,000 placeholder tickets per line. Each placeholder ticket guaranteed a game ticket for its holder. Roughly 5,000 placeholder tickets were given out Saturday.

The events’ lone incident occurred early Friday morning as a result of a miscommunication between event organizers and CSUPD. Organizers planned on allowing students to arrive before the scheduled 7 a.m. lineup time, but CSUPD officers thought students were not permitted to line up before 7 a.m.

Several students who arrived early were unhappy about being asked to leave.

“I can understand kicking off people who are not representing the school well, but kicking people off that are helping to repair the bridges that were burned last year is pathetic,” said Ben Quinn, a senior mechanical engineering and speech communication major. Quinn was one of about 30 students that arrived early Friday morning.

“We’re trying to create a positive tradition,” said Karl Grotluschen, a senior construction management major. “It’s a big rivalry and we’re trying to maintain the spirit of the school, and now they’re taking away part of that spirit.”

Around 1 a.m., campus police and students reached a compromise in which students were allowed to be 100 yards from the Lory Student Center until 7 a.m.

“Even with the miscommunication, I’m really pleased with the support we’ve had from campus police,” said Mari Strombom, Director of the Campus Activities Center, on Saturday. “I think they’ve been a real positive presence.”

There were concerns that having the ticket line during the day might cause health problems due to the heat. Event organizers overcame this obstacle by allowing students who wanted to escape the heat to go into the student center, where the food court, Sweet Sinsations and Villa Pizza were selling food. There were also free water stations provided by CSU catering and free sunscreen was provided by the Hartshorn Health Center.

Although many students waited a long time in line during the day, once the 6 p.m. sale time came around, the line moved relatively quickly.

Tickets are still available for students who missed Saturday’s sale. The CSU ticket office held a limited number of tickets for students who were unaware of Saturday’s sale or were unable to attend the event. About 1000 general public tickets are also still available for $45.

There are also about 300 tickets available for the Ram Roadtrip. The $20 ticket includes a bus to and from the game and a T-shirt.

Despite the absence of a campout, many students found the ticket sale successful.

“I wish there (had been) a camp out, but (the sale) went all right,” said Kenton Miles, a sophomore open option major.

Saturday, Strombom said she was pleased with the sale so far.

“I’ve been really impressed with our students,” she said. “I hope people are having fun and enjoying this event in addition to the game in a manner that is safe for all students.”

A limited number of student tickets remain unsold. Here’s where to get them:

McGraw Athletic Center


TicketMaster outlets

TicketMaster-(303) 830-TIXS

(719) 520-9090

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