Aug 252002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Corbett Hall welcomed its new residents Sunday night with leis made by resident assistants, hall directors and orientation members.

The idea was presented by one of Corbett’s hall directors, Chad Cabral. Originally from Hawaii, Cabral thought it would be a nice way to welcome residents to Corbett and the university.

“It’s tradition in Hawaii to give leis as a sign of welcome and community,” Cabral said. “(A residence hall) is not like an apartment, where you come and go. It really is about community.”

The leis, made of twine, straws, and paper flowers, were made over a period of four evenings, Cabral said.

“In Hawaii it was tradition to make leis with real flowers for every resident,” said Cabral.

In total, about 910 leis were made, one for each hall resident. Kristina Flanders, a resident assistant in Corbett, said she made about 50 leis by herself.

“I think it was a good idea,” said Flanders, a sophomore open option student. “A welcoming way to greet the students.”

All 23 resident assistants handed the leis out at their first hall meetings and the resident response was receptive.

Cabral said he hoped this would be the beginning of the tradition in the halls.

“It took a lot of time and effort and is really from the heart of the R.A.s,” Cabral said.

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