Aug 252002
Authors: Ben Koerselman

My name is Ben Koerselman and I am the editor in chief of the Rocky Mountain Collegian this fall. We/ve made a few changes over the summer, which should allow us to serve you, the reader, better.

For one, we have a newly redesigned Web site / check it out at — with more interactive features like daily polls, reader feedback on every story and better capabilities for posting breaking news. What we will be striving for this semester is sports game coverage on our Web site on weekends. Starting with Saturday/s CU-CSU game we will be posting same day game stories with slide shows of game photos. We will follow this up in the print edition with the same great coverage you have come to expect from our Sports Monday feature, located on the back page of the paper every Monday.

Another feature on the Web site allows you to sign up to receive Collegian updates in your e-mail everyday. This update will include the top stories in the Collegian that day with links back to the Web site. We will also e-mail you breaking news updates as soon as we have the story on the web.

Continuing the tradition of the past couple of years, the Collegian will publish a special four-page entertainment section called The Dish every Thursday with movie, music and restaurant reviews. Look for it this week with a story on how a group of freshmen spent their first Saturday as college students.

Our daily Opinion Page will continue to offer you space to share your thoughts on the Collegian and issues affecting CSU and the outside world through letters to the editor or guest columns. We appreciate your feedback and viewpoints and will do our best to print as letters as we can. E-mail your letters to We will continue to share our editorial board/s opinion with you via the daily Our View editorial.

Now let me briefly introduce you to this newspaper/s editorial staff:

-Editor-in-Chief: Me again. I oversee the paper so please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can be reached at 491-1688 or

-News Managing Editor: Becky Waddingham. Becky oversees the campus and regional / state desks at the Collegian. She can be reached at 491-1684 or

-Features Managing Editor: Josh Hardin. Josh oversees the sports and entertainment desks. He can be reached at 491-7513 or

-Night Managing Editor: Andrew Whelan. Andrew oversees the nightly design and layout of the paper as well as the photo and graphics desks. He can be reached at 491-3807 or

-Campus Editor: Shandra Jordan. Shandra is charged with assigning coverage of CSU related issues, events and occurrences. She can be reached at 491-1393 or

-Assistant Campus Editor / Development: Colleen Buhrer. Colleen assists the campus editor and facilitates hiring and training activities. She can be reached at 491-1685 or

-Regional / State Editor: Vince Blaser. Vince is charged with assigning coverage of issues impacting the city of Fort Collins, the state of Colorado and the nation and world as a whole. He can be reached at 491-1392 or

-Sports Editor: Jon Ackerman. Jon assigns coverage of CSU athletics, from basketball to football to volleyball including the club sports. He can be reached at 491-3656 or

-Entertainment Editor: Dustyn Connelley. Dustyn assembles the weekly Dish entertainment section and assigns coverage of CSU and community entertainment events. She can be reached at 491-3356 or

-Assistant Entertainment Editor / Special Sections: Joni Ramirez (winner: longest title). Joni helps with entertainment coverage and assembles any special sections for the paper. Look for her first special section this Friday with an in-depth look at fall sports and the CU-CSU game. She can be reached at 491-4674 or

-Night Editor / Design: Sarah Coates. Sarah helps oversee the nightly design and layout of the newspaper. She can be reached at 491-3807 or

-Photo Editor: Ben Woodruff. Ben oversees the newspaper/s award winning photo staff. He can be reached at 491-1687 or

-Graphics Editor: Matthew Bernhardt. Matthew with his staff of one creates the graphics that appear in the paper daily. He can be reached at 491-2361 or

Thanks for picking us up everyday, and we will continue to work hard to provide you with the most up-to-date information about the goings on at CSU and beyond. I hope you have a great semester.

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