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Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Last year, CSU had its version of Woodstock 1999 when students camped out for CSU/CU tickets.

Sofas, trash and kegs decorated the lagoon and the surrounding area. There were even reports of young men groping coeds.

The scene was not pretty and many considered what happened last year very embarrassing for the school.

Which in many cases it was.

We feel this was due to poor planning on the part of the line organizers last year (although the students perpetrating the behavior have to shoulder some of the blame as well), and we seem destined to keep that tradition going this year.

This year there will be no camping overnight and no one will be allowed to bring chairs, grills or kegs. The line is not allowed to form until 7 a.m. Saturday and initial plans call for three different locations in the student center where students can get tickets, which don’t go on sale until 6 p.m. Saturday.

So instead of a couple thousand students waiting in line in the relative coolness of a late-summer evening, we’ll get a couple thousand students waiting outside in the heat of the day. Luckily, the event planners will be handing out water and sunscreen.

We may not have the partying and debauchery of last year’s line, but from the sound of things we could have a few new problems while destroying the fun and camaraderie of what was, in essence, a campus-wide slumber party.

We are in favor of changes to this tradition that intend to keep people safe and keep this event fun for CSU football fans.

It is possible to have a fun and safe all-night campout for a couple of thousand people and we feel that such an event would be a great boost to CSU spirit (especially on the first weekend for new students).

We agree with the intention of the rule changes this year, but we feel it is not the correct solution.

Collegian Editorial Board:

Opinion Editor, Vince Adams

News Managing Editor, Becky Waddingham

Features Managing Editor, Josh Hardin

Night Managing Editor, Andrew Whelan

Regional/State Editor, Vince Blaser

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