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Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Students who want to park on campus this semester may need to prepare to either walk a bit or pay some fines.

University Parking Services makes every effort to make parking comfortable at CSU. However, things don’t always go as planned.

“We’re trying to balance to meet the majority of people’s needs most of the time,” said Mike Rose, the parking services director. “But we can’t meet all the people’s needs all the time.”

Parking is on a first come, first serve basis. Possession of a parking pass does not guarantee that parking space will be available. Parking illegally because a legal parking space could not be found is not a valid excuse.

“I would encourage people to show up early, park far away and plan time for walking,” Rose said.

There are several metered parking lots on campus. These are available to anyone and cars do not need a parking permit.

Additionally, every student, faculty or staff member is eligible for a parking permit that allows them to park in certain lots. Yearly permits can be purchased for $75 if you are a student or $85 if you are a faculty or staff member and are valid between August 1 of the year purchased and July 31 of the following year.

Students living in the residence halls are eligible for Q, W, or X-zone parking permits. S or T-zone permits are reserved for students living in the family housing units. Students that commute to campus daily can purchase Z-zone permits. The A-zone parking permits for the lots closest to the main campus are reserved for faculty and staff members.

“People who live off campus are always late for class because they can’t find a space to park,” said Robert Provopulos, a senior majoring in liberal arts.

Some students, staff, or faculty members may choose not to abide by these parking guidelines that have been laid out. University Parking Services is ready and able to deal with these issues.

Safety violations created by a parked car, such as double parking, obstructing a fire lane, or parking next to a red curb, will assess a $25 fine to the owner of the vehicle. Those that misuse, counterfeit, or in any way alter parking permits will be fined $75. Anyone who parks in a handicap space without a proper permit will be fined $65.

Parking next to an expired meter is a $12 fine. Any other miscellaneous parking violations, such as parking more than 12 inches from the curb, displaying a parking permit incorrectly, or parking a vehicle without license plates will be assessed a fine of $17.

“I’m not looking forward to (parking),” said Aubrie Baenziger, a junior majoring in animal science. “It’s going to make it harder during finals. I have a permit so hopefully it won’t affect me.”

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