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Authors: Shandra Jordan

Students planning to spend tonight in front of the Lory Student Center waiting for football tickets will have to move their plans up by several hours.

In response to past problems, the line has been rescheduled to take place during the day. Other changes include placeholder cards to prevent line cutting and stricter policies on drinking.

Mari Strombom, the director of the campus activities center, said these changes would hopefully make the ticket sales go more smoothly.

The placeholder cards will be distributed at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. This way, students can leave the line to get drinks, food or go to the bathroom. Strombom said they are asking people to stay in line as much as possible to keep complications to a minimum.

The placeholder cards will hopefully reduce line-cutting problems, Strombom said.

“We’re going to trust people to be considerate of everybody else in line,” Strombom said.

Other policies include a ban on alcohol, tents, cook stoves, sleeping bags, furniture, pets, fireworks or open flames. Many of these items violate a Fort Collins law.

For example, there is a ban on open alcoholic containers. Any student who is visibly intoxicated will not be sold a ticket and any student with alcohol or any forbidden items will be asked to leave the premises.

In the past several years, the line was formed overnight and tickets went on sale in the morning. This year, the line will begin at 7 a.m. and tickets will be on sale from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., or when they sell out, whichever comes first. The change is to make the line safer for students and to comply with a Fort Collins law forbidding camping in the city limits.

“7 a.m. is still 11 hours before the actual ticket distribution begins,” Strombom said.

At 7 a.m., signs will be posted informing students where the line should begin. Strombom said that because the university is public property, they can’t stop people from showing up anytime during the night before, as long as they don’t have any forbidden items.

Strombom said they only anticipate a couple hundred people showing up early for the line.

CSU Police Captain Bob Chaffee said there will be anywhere from two to six police officers on site over the day, starting Friday evening. Last year there were only three officers working.

“It depends on what the behavior of the crowd is,” Chaffee said.

Because the line will take place over the day, Hartshorn Health Center will be providing free sunscreen and CSU catering will provide free water, cups and trashcans to deal with any health complications due to the heat. Temperatures in Fort Collins are expected to reach 85 on Saturday, with a chance of thunderstorms.

“We are asking students to please come prepared for all kinds of weather,” Strombom said.

The Association for Student Activity Programming has organized entertainment for the lines from noon to 5 p.m. The acts and events will move between the two primary line locations, the Plaza and the Sculpture Garden, so everybody will get to see them. Acts include the CSU Jive Cats, a swing group, and Soon To Be Famous Presents, a community theater group. There will also be a dunk tank sponsored by the Association for Student Activity Programming.

“The people who are getting dunked will be wearing ‘CU fan’ shirts,” said Kristen Eitelbach, a junior majoring in restaurant and resort management and the executive director of ASAP. “So that will be fun.”

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