Aug 212002
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

With the opening of the residence halls today, the CSU campus is expecting its annual flood of new students moving into their new homes for the year.

To the backdrop of music being broadcasted by KCSU from the towers, new students can expect to see their campus doing its best to welcome them with plenty of fun, food, games and entertainment ranging from laser tag, a concert, large cookouts, the popular casino night and this year’s appearance from two former MTV “Real World – New Orleans” cast members Danny and Julie.

In keeping with tradition, new students will also have the opportunity to participate in the 11th annual welcoming convocation along with student government officials, residence hall and orientation staff, Ram athletes, the University marching band, cheerleaders and the Pom Squad. The Association for Student Activity Programming is sponsoring several events along with the Associated Students of CSU.

The reason for these four days of fun, as told by sophomore open option major Kedra Olds, an ASAP representative, is for “freshmen to get an idea to what the school has to offer right off the bat, as well as a break from moving in.”

Senior psychology major Wendy Sanders, also an ASAP member, expects participation to be approximately 3,000 when taking into account ticket distribution, which has normally not been a part of the four day festivities. However, “the late night events have been traditionally six to seven hundred people,” she said.

With the new wave of fresh energy CSU is hoping the arriving students to bring, Ramfest, which has become a staple in the school’s itinerary, is once again expected to start off the year with a bang.

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