Aug 212002
Authors: Katie Kochenberger

For students new to CSU with dreams of fraternity parties – kegs lined up from here to eternity, bands rocking, hot tubs overflowing – those dreams may now be shattered.

The fall semester marks the last stage of implementation from the Greek Initiative 2000 (also known as G12K). The goal is for all official Greek functions to be held at third-party locations, said Mark Koepsell, director at the Greek Life Office.

“We’re promoting responsible party behavior,” Koepsell said.

The third-party locations, such as bars or restaurants, have employees who can keep watch over binge drinking and underage drinking, what some say is an essential element missing from many of the Greek house parties.

“(G12K) reduces liability for individual houses,” said Kolby Malesich, a senior agriculture business student and president of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

But Malesich and other Greek students have raised concerns with the third-party locations like drunk driving. Malesich said many of the houses are in centralized locations where it is easy to walk home or get a ride from a sober driver.

The G12K addresses this problem by requiring, along with guest lists, nonalcoholic beverages and food as well as buses rented to give partiers safe rides home.

Nate Flynn, president of the CSU Interfraternity Council, told the Denver Post in an article Monday, “There’s a lot of benefits and a few drawbacks. It’s hard because it takes away from the tradition of the Greek system to have a function at your house.”

For the boys of Alpha Gamma Rho, their annual hot tub party will have to move to a new location.

“Nobody likes it, by any means, but I guess we have to do it,” Malesich said.

The transition to no-party houses should not be rough for the Greeks. Since Fall 2000, the number of registered events held at fraternity houses has been reduced each semester.

Four parties were allowed per house in Fall 2000, three in Spring 2001, two in Fall 2001, one in Spring 2002, to eventually be phased out all together this semester.

Mark Koepsell likes to point out that the G12K was completely written by the students in the Greek community. In the 1999-2000 school year Greek students addressed what the major problems were within the Greek system and came up with the plan.

CSU is the third Colorado school to implement this type of party rule in conjunction with Greek life on campus. Both the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado-Boulder adopted the policy two years ago.

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