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Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

If that first dorm meal does not sound too appealing, freshmen can take their lunch money to the numerous restaurants off campus. Unfortunately Del Sol is “more a bar than a restaurant.”

One of the newest restaurants to hit the scene in Old Town is Del Sol Tequila and Ceviiche Bar located at 1512 S. College.

As our server told us, the restaurant is better known as a tequila bar rather than a restaurant, which you can tell by the size of the menu. The menu had about 15 appetizers, entrees and desserts but its bar can live up to a true tequila bar.

The two-month-old tequila bar is not only for students born before 1982. For underage students, the restaurant offers all-you-can-eat steak and chicken fajitas Monday thru Friday, 11-2pm.

The list of food was typical for a Mexican-themed restaurant. Quesadillas, tacos and chimichangas, all range in price from $3-10. A unique item on the menu was Baja style fish tacos with a choice of fish, zucchini or shrimp.

I opted for the chicken quesadillas and the chilli burger with Mexican fries.

The food was O.K. The burger was overcooked but covered in tasty chili. The quesadilla was typical but worth the money.

Students who need a break from the dorms for lunch should find the all-you-can-eat lunch deals a delight.

For students over 21, the place offers $1 Cerveza Sol beers everyday, all day and during Denver Bronco games, $7 will get you all-you-can-drink Coors, along with daily specials.

Del Sol keeps the place open for students of all ages most of the time except for Friday and Saturday nights, which is typical for a bar in Fort Collins.

Bottom line: Great deals for freshmen who want to eat entire meal for under $10 but come back when you’re 21 to enjoy the bar, tequila and margaritas.

Hours: 11-2am

151 S. College

Price range: $4-8 (food only)

Walrus Ice Cream offers good homemade ice cream

For 15 years, Walrus Ice Cream, located at 125 W. Mountain Ave. in Old Town, has been serving homemade ice cream for Fort Collins, and because they make their own ice cream is the reason why Walrus shines above the competition in town.

Walking into the store, one could swear that a child designed it, or at least a child at heart. The walls are painted with cartoons of walruses and with flavors such as cinnamon roll, chocolate d/j/ vu, and tuti fruity (suggestion: do not request that flavor, it is a joke flavor made with tomatoes!), it definitely has an atmosphere you will not find at franchise ice cream shops in town.

For students on a budget, there should be enough in the change bucket for Walrus. A very generous double Saturday (just another name for a Sunday) with two toppings came under $4. Walrus just does not have ice cream; they also serve espressos and lattes as well as shakes and floats, all for under $4.

Students who think eating ice cream is way to guarantee the “freshman 15 lbs,” Walrus serves fruitage, a non-dairy, non-fat, non-sugar ice cream (a plus for those who are lactose intolerant or diabetic).

New flavors are always being introduced at Walrus, which makes returning there often a pleasant surprise, suggestions for new flavors are always welcomed.

As for the reason behind the name Walrus, if you ask the owner, he will tell you the Beatles wrote the song, “I am the Walrus” there, but history may prove otherwise.

Bottom line: Best ice cream deal for your money in town, plus dogs eat for free on Saturday.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11-11

Friday & Saturday 11-12

Sunday 12-11

Price range: $3-6

124 W. Mountain Ave.

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