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Tickets for the CSU-CU football game are scheduled to go on sale Saturday, Aug. 24 (the weekend before fall semester classes begin), but unlike in previous years students will not be permitted to camp out the night before.

This year’s ticket line will not be allowed to begin forming until 7 a.m. on Aug. 24. Tickets will go on sale from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Since this year’s game is considered a “home game” for CSU, students will be allowed to get one ticket for free and purchase one additional ticket for $45.

The ticket line guidelines (available at ramfest.colostate.edu) state that “no camping, tents, upholstered furniture, sleeping bags, fireworks, cooking, open flames pets or alcohol will be allowed.”

The guidelines also say that visibly intoxicated students will not be allowed to purchase tickets for the game.

“After looking at what happened last year, administration wasn’t pleased,” said Ryan Miccio, assistant director of student empowerment for the Associated Students of CSU, adding that the lawn outside the student center was a mess last year, and there were a number of disciplinary problems.

“They’ll trying to downplay that this year and not have such a mess outside the student center,” Miccio said.

Donn Hopkins, chief of CSUPD, said they decided to change the way the tickets were distributed because of many public safety concerns. He said that he had CSUPD staff on site last year that said there were several alcohol overdoses. A few students had to be taken off campus to area hospitals.

“We also had reports of sexual assaults,” he said. ” People groping people.”

Hopkins also said that because many students were drinking they were violating a Fort Collins city ordinance against open containers, and students camping out in front of the student center was in violation of another ordinance against camping within the city limits.

“It’s a city ordinance that’s been in place for at least a decade that says you can’t camp in the city,” Hopkins said.

Moreover, many people felt the old system was unfair to students, he said.

“There would be someone who would hold a place in line and before tickets went on sale a bunch of their friends would show up and crowd the line,” Hopkins said. It was felt that it was unfair for these people to go ahead of others who had waited all night.

Hopkins said despite the changes this years ticket sales will be as much fun for students as previous years.

“A tremendous amount of programming is going into events around the student center around that time,” he said. “There will be events all day long Saturday.”

Also ASCSU will participate in the event in the same way they have in previous years.

“In the past, we’ve kept order and circulation in the line,” Miccio said. “We still will be helping to regulate the ticket line.”

This is the fifth year that CSU has played CU at Mile High Stadium. Five years ago, tickets were sold at Moby Arena, but for the last four years, tickets have been sold out of the Lory Student Center, Hopkins said.

“Part of the idea was we could handle it better at the student center,” he said.

Neal Eskin, senior associate director of athletics at CSU, could not be reached for comment Tuesday on the changes in the ticket line setup.

Some CSU students were disappointed that they would not be allowed to camp out for tickets this year.

“I didn’t know they were doing that,” said Jason Johnson, a senior public relations major. “We were going to camp out. I know a lot of people like to camp. It’s the whole experience of doing it.”

Robert Miller, a graduate student studying education, had a similar opinion.

“You take way the excitement of the game,” he said. “You take away the experience of the game. That’s what college is all about, camping out for tickets.”

CU-CSU game ticket distribution guidelines:

* Tickets will be distributed from 3 locations in the Student center: the main plaza entrance on the east side, the Barrel Vault entrance to the Lower Level on the west side, and the Sculpture Garden entrance to the west side.

* Only 10,000 student tickets are available

* Lines will begin forming no earlier than 7 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24.

* Entertainment will begin at noon.

* Placeholder tickets will be distributed, one per person, to allow students to briefly leave the line to get food, and still return to their original spot. If the placeholder ticket is lost. That person will need to return to the back of the line.

* To purchase a ticket, students must have a placeholder ticket, CSU Student ID, and a current activity card

* No camping, tents, upholstered furniture, sleeping bags, fireworks, cooking, open flames, pets or alcohol will be allowed.

* Violations of these policies will result in a loss of the student’s game ticket, possible disciplinary action and potentially the discontinuation of this tradition.

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