Letter to Editor

Jul 302002

Dear Editor:

I was one of the several hundred citizens who gathered signatures on the petitions for Citizens for Five Commissioners. As I talked with people, I was astonished by the enthusiasm for this idea. I want to thank the commissioners for voting to refer this question to the November ballot. Clearly, this is an issue that deserves to be decided by the citizens of Larimer County.

The three people who serve as commissioners currently oversee an annual budget of over $200 million and a staff of more than 1,300. With a population of more than 250,000, the county needs more than three people to determine public policy and regulations. The cost of salaries for two new commissioners would amount to less than one dollar per county resident per year.

Additionally, commissioners should represent districts, rather than be elected at large, as in the current system. We vote for our federal and state legislators by district; why should our county legislators be elected at large? Commissioners elected by district would be more familiar with district-specific issues and constituent concerns, bringing government closer to the people represented.

I urge all county residents to learn about this issue and to vote on it in November.

Margi Williams

Fort Collins Resident

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