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Authors: Craig Bonnot

The new Transfort transit center, which is being built in the parking lot north of the Lory Student Center, is coming along according to schedule and is expected to be ready in time for the fall semester.

“Our goal is to have the transit center operational with buses by the 26 of August,” said Cass Beitler, CSU’s project manager.

This schedule ensures that the transit center will be up and running by the time classes resume for the fall semester. However, construction will not be fully completed by this time.

“The shelters will not be done, and the landscaping will not be tone,” Beitler said. “There’s still a few things to finish up.’

The transit center is expected to be completely finished halfway through the fall semester.

“I would guess it will take another month to complete the job 100 percent,” Beitler said. Beyond a few minor problems, further construction is not expected to hinder the overall operation of the transit center.

“We might have to shut down one or two lanes at a time, install the shelters and open them back up,” Beitler said.

The transit center is not expected to have a major effect on student parking in the area. In fact, Kay Rios, the director of parking services, said they have added more metered parking and shifted some spaces to the east end of the engineering lot.

“People who have been away will not notice there was a shift,” Rios said. She added that the transit center really benefits students by giving them better access to parking and a really nice bus shelter.

CSU was interested in constructing the transit center for a number of reasons, Rios said.

“We’re hoping that we get more people riding the bus,” she said. Adding that the new transit center will provide students with a better, more comfortable place to wait for buses. The center will also make it easier for buses to move on and off campus. Rios said the current bus stop outside the library did not allow for efficient bus traffic. She said she believes the new system will be much better.

“It should be an easier flow pattern,” she said.

The city will bring buses from Shields Street onto Plum Street. The buses will then drive around the transit center and exit back onto Plum, Beitler said. There will also be buses coming from the south, which will drive up Meridian Avenue, turn onto Plum and then enter the center.

CSU students had mixed feeling about the transit centers construction.

“I ride the bus every day, and I’ve never had problems standing outside,” said Marci Busbee, a graduate student studying agriculture. “Maybe it would be nice to have a transit center.”

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