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Authors: Craig Bonnot

Colorado State University Police believe that they have two people in the Larimer County Detention Center who may be responsible for a series of recent bicycle thefts in Fort Collins.

The Loveland police informed the CSU Police Department Sunday that Jami Talbert and Josh Charles of Loveland, who had been arrested on drug charges, might be responsible for the bike thefts.

CSUPD was able to obtain a search warrant and discovered 10 stolen bikes, said Capt. Bob Chaffee of CSUPD. There was also evidence that several bicycles had been taken to area pawn shops and officers were able to use this lead to uncover additional bicycles.

“We have 28 confirmed recoveries,” said Officer Adam Smith of CSUPD. There is additional evidence that some stolen bikes may have been taken to pawn shops outside of the Fort Collins area, he said.

“There’s a possibility that as we get more info from the pawn shops this might involve other areas than just Fort Collins,” Capt. Chaffee said.

Officer Smith said they have investigated five pawnshops and believe that more bicycles might be recovered at other shops in Weld and Boulder counties. He added that police are not completely sure how many bicycles the pair might have stolen.

“The number just keeps getting bigger,” Smith said. “I can’t even guess now because it keeps getting bigger. More then we’d anticipated. We’re at at least 40 right now.”

Charles and Talbert are currently being held under investigation for theft of $500-$1500 in property, possession of burglary tools and possession of controlled substances.

Police are urging anyone who had a bicycle stolen between April 2002 and July 21, to contact officer Adam Smith of CSUPD at 491-6425.

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