Events make 2002 unique

May 022002

Looking back on the past year here at CSU, so much has struck me as special and unique about this place so many of us call home.

In honor of all that has happened this last year, I want to share with you all what I believe to be the top five events of the last year here at CSU.

5. Spring Break and Christmas Break

Simple explanation here – school has breaks, work doesn’t. Enjoy it while you can.

4. CSU Women’s Sports Program

Let’s face it guys – the women rock. Nationally ranked volleyball and basketball teams, superb athletes, NCAA tournament appearances – what more could we ask for.

I remember when I was growing up in Fort Collins and the women’s sports program could more accurately be described as a sideshow, as opposed to “The Show.”A/ Now I go to more women’s games than men’s. Great job ladies!

3. The New Orleans Bowl

Ok, ok, I admit it. North Texas did kind of suck. We kind of kicked their butts and it wasn’t really a test for our Rams.

I feel it is only fair to consider the whole picture. We haven’t missed a bowl bid since I was a freshman – Sonny’s got the team on a roll and they are generating good press for CSU. Also, it’s “The Big Easy,” New Orleans, southern culture and hospitality at it’s best.

The van ride was long, the air inside was smelly and I won’t be going back to New Orleans anytime soon. That said, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

2. Up ’til Dawn

Huh?A/ What’s that?

Up ’til Dawn is a student organization here on campus that works to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. I am so proud of this organization and what they have done for the hospital and for our community.

This group of students provides the structure for teams of students to get together and raise money for St. Jude. Last year, their inaugural year, the organization raised over $30,000 for the hospital. This year, that number went up over $40,000.

In two years, CSU students have helped raise over $70,000 for an organization that is nothing short of amazing in their commitment to children with cancer, their families and the valuable medical research that keeps our nations children healthy.

Simply awesome.

1. 9/11/01

I have never in my life witnessed an event so tragic, nor has my heart felt so proud about the nation we live in and the people around us.

After 9/11, CSU came together in a manner I have never seen before. I saw the true strength, compassion and caring present in our student body that most students hide inside during normal times.

The past year has been anything but normal. It has shown me that I have never been prouder to be a member of the CSU and Fort Collins community.

September 11th hopefully taught us a lesson we will never forget. We are very blessed to be Americans, Coloradans, Fort Collins residents and Rams.

Let’s not forget that fact.


Scott Wilkinson is a senior majoring in civil engineering.

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