May 012002

You see it every single year.

The columnists at our esteemed college newspaper turn their final column of the year into an ode to the past year.

The funny thing about these opuses is that they are written in a way that’s reminiscent of all the cheesy high school graduation speeches that all of us were forced to endure. You know, the ones that walked us from kindergarten when we loved Michael Jackson, to senior year, when we still loved Michael Jackson.

Yeah, the old “year in review” column has definitely been done.

So I decided to break from the norm and give you loyal readers something fresh, new and innovative for the last week of real school.

And then I changed my mind.

Yeah, being innovative is great and all, but it’s too tempting to walk you guys down recent memory lane. Besides, it gives me a sense of closure. I mean, after an entire year of smart assed commentaries, it’s not exactly easy to write your last one, you know?

I’ll try not to say the words “We are the leaders of tomorrow” but I can’t promise anything.

And now, the things we saw in sports over the past nine months:

We saw our football team go from preseason favorites with a minor quarterback issue to midseason flops with a major quarterback issue, back into a respectable squad that finally adjusted to the quarterback issue and made it work.

We saw our major women’s teams, volleyball and basketball, continue the dominance over the Mountain West that they have sustained over the past few years. And we saw that they are showing no signs of letting up.

Speaking of not letting up, we saw our young, inexperienced men’s basketball team take every team they played this year to the brink, but they were not be able to push them past it. On the plus side, we did see the beginning of a pretty good nucleus for our men hoopsters.

We saw the New England Patriots steal a Super Bowl from their clearly more talented opponents and we loved it.

We saw Britney Spears bravely cross over from the music realm to the silver screen and loved it.

(Yeah, I know that doesn’t really count as a sports moment, but what some guys do after they watch one of her videos might be classified as a sport.)

We saw the BCS nearly screw up college football again.

We saw an aging Michael Jordan return to the court in an attempt to revamp a horrible Wizards basketball team, a feat he actually accomplished for a while. Down the stretch, though, he showed that even the great ones can’t play forever.

Too bad, because it would be nice to bring another Hall of Fame player back to his old stomping grounds in Denver, considering the way Brian Griese played last year.

We saw Mike Tyson freak out, again.

We saw the Nuggets suck, again.

We saw a thrilling World Series. Of course, every World Series that the Yankees don’t win is thrilling in my book.

We saw our country endure a tragedy and the sports world stood still out of respect for it.

We saw, and are continuing to see, our Avalanche make another run at Lord Stanley’s cup.

However, we also saw Detroit assemble a team that reads more like a Hall of Fame ballot, so we could be in for a disappointment this year. I think that the Avs have a chance, especially with Forsberg and Hejduk back in the mix, but it sure would have been nice if Vancouver had beaten the Red Wings, huh?

Yes, we saw many interesting things in sports over the past year. But the future holds many more poignant moments, and it is up to us to make sure we seize them, because we are, in fact, the leaders of tomorrow.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Lucas is a senior journalism major.

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