Apr 302002

Do you ever wonder how far that tuition dollar really goes?

CSU will not verify your degree with outside employers who call to do a background check. According to Sue Coulson, the verification has been outsourced to a company called Student Clearing House that, for a $7 fee, will verify the existence of your degree.

Coulson claims that the service, that callers are referred to when they call the records office to verify a degree, allows the records staff to spend more time working with students.

Uh, how’s that, exactly?

See, if someone calls, and then you refer them to a third-party, well, that seemingly could take as much time as just looking up the information in the first place. The phone’s already been answered, information is already being given; why not just answer the original question instead of making life more difficult for someone who has just associated a CSU student’s name with a glitch in their day?

Is that a good thing for former students looking for jobs? More importantly, does that put CSU students as a disadvantage?

Seems like it might.

Further, it seems that the records office isn’t quite sure what the solution does for students’ marketplace competitiveness. Surely, they’ll be looking into it.

Of course, many of us would like to outsource the routine events of our day in an attempt to have more time, but that’s not always an option. Seems like this plan isn’t necessarily a good option, either.

Does the university need to spend more money in the records office to provide a full time or part time individual who only does degree verifications? Seems like a good solution.

Better, at least, than “saving time” at the expense of students’ employment opportunities.

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