Apr 292002

Public business is public business.

That’s why we strongly urge the powers that be to lift the gag order surrounding the case of Troy Graves.

This community agonized through a summer of uncertainty. There were many sleepless nights shared as we wondered who was out there and when he might strike again. As the case faded into obscurity, we wondered if there would ever be any answers to the string of questions surrounding the sexual assaults of last spring and summer.

Now, just as we’re beginning to see that there are some answers, the courts have taken those strands of information away from our outstretched fingers. The cloud of uncertainty, early morning darkness and blindfolds has been replaced with a veil of legalese.

How is it that information can condemn a man?A/ Surely this community, the town that handled the assaults, can handle the information that the police have on Graves. Surely, we can work with that knowledge to provide the fairest trial possible.

Judge Terry Gilmore will begin hearing arguments on lifting the gag order on Thursday. We strongly encourage him to lift the order and to return the public’s business to the care of the public.A/

There’s more at stake here than a possible prison sentence or execution; the reputation of our appointed and elected officials is on the line. Yes, the rights of the accused need to be protected, but so, too, do the rights of the public to know how a terrifying crime was handled.

Certainly, they understand that stealing the very truth from the populace is not the best way to go about healing the city’s wounds.

Don’t they?

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