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Apr 282002

Ah, the wisdom a supermarket checkout line can bring.

A few weeks back, my roommate and I were ready to check out, our cart overflowing with microwaveable goodies and other easy fixins for our bare cupboards.

Needless to say, we were proud of ourselves – supplementing our need for food in such glorious, cart-filled fashion.

Then I noticed something funny.

I looked past our cart filled with cupcakes, canned fruit and burritos to see the couple standing behind us. They, too, appeared happy with their shopping day, but were carrying only one item – a home pregnancy test.

Two sets of two people were in that line. The reasons (and the quantity of items) couldn’t have been more different, but the happiness was shared.

Just one of those moments that made you stop and say, “Huh.”

Seems like this year had more than its share of those types of moments. And, like the Goo Goo Dolls sing, “Even though the moment passed me by, I still can’t turn away.”

So much of this year has been crazy and unforgettable. For better and worse, it was unlike any other year for me (and maybe a few of you out there, too).

Permit me then, this fine day, to talk to you about what I’ve seen in the most remarkable span of time I’ll probably ever know.

There was a football team weighed down by expectations and quarterback inexperience.

Then there was another football team – one that persevered and found itself partying on Bourbon Street with a bowl game victory and the ultimate last laugh.

There was a volleyball team loaded with deception – beautiful girls who could bash your brains in. Not with an uppercut or right hook, but with a jump-serve or left-side attack smash. A brutish, cornfed Nebraska squad may have dashed their dreams, but for a while there, they had most of us pinching ourselves during another remarkable run.

I saw the demolition of Mile High Stadium – as much a spot for Sunday prayer and worship as any house of God.

I sat in the student seats at Hughes Stadium for the first time. Where else can you catch great football, make a new friend and pass the whiskey bottle for four consecutive quarters?

I sat in the sometimes hollow confines of Moby Arena. Not many whiskey bottles to speak of, but plenty of excitement to go around nonetheless.

You probably couldn’t see it, but a foundation was built in Moby Arena this year. For every five-point loss the men’s basketball team suffered, there was a 10-ton building block of resolve set in the minds and hearts of that team.

You probably did see them, but the women’s basketball team might’ve missed you. Their eyes were fixed on the league championship they brought home.

I traveled to exotic destinations and saw awe-inspiring sights like the neon jungle of Las Vegas and the endless shores of San Diego.

I also ventured to slightly less exotic spots like Laramie, Provo and Lincoln. Dull farmland be damned. You can’t top the peace of the open road.

I broke a heart. I had my heart broken.

I laughed, I cried, I even hurled.

Guess all I can say is this: I lived and I learned just how crazy (and memorable) life can be.

That and I’m out of cupcakes.

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