Apr 232002

BREAKING NEWS – the sexual predator supposedly responsible for so much terror, anger and fear in the Fort Collins community last spring and summer has finally been hauled in – justice has been served, we’re all safe, and Fort Collins is once again the peaceful little city it’s always been, right? Right?? WRONG.

Troy Graves, the 29-year-old Fort Collins resident arrested early Tuesday morning, is not for sure the guy everyone’s been looking for in connection with the six assaults on Fort Collins women and five assaults and a murder in Philadelphia. Yes, he’s the prime suspect in both cities, but it’s just as possible he isn’t the right guy as it is he is the right guy. Still, even if the cops are correct, lest you forget, the sexual assaults tormenting the female population have come courtesy of a variety of shadowy suspects, no two of whom seem to meet the same description.

Take precautions. Utilize SafeWalk. Carry Mace. Take a self-defense class. Don’t walk alone at night, whether it’s for a mile or 20 feet. Let people know where you are, where you are going and whom you’re with. Basically, use common sense.

But this advice isn’t anything new. CSUPD Chief Donn Hopkins sends everyone on campus e-mails with the same exact guidance. Your mom’s likely been telling you the same stuff since you were old enough to go out on your own. What will it take for you to listen?

And if you’ve got a case of “It won’t happen to me,” you’d better rethink your belief – and quickly. Not one of the women attacked believed it would happen to her, either. The old adage rings loud and clear: it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t become a statistic just because you’re too stubborn to give yourself a reality check.

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