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Abortion arguement

To the editor:

The major difference between pro-life and pro-choice people is this: pro-lifers want everybody to convert to their view, while pro-choicers accept the fact that people will always have different beliefs, everyone is in a different situation and everybody has the right to live as they see fit. And we might as well just respect that, instead of getting angry because we see that our opponents have a valid argument in a world that has no absolute truth.

Amanda Pitt, Sophomore

Interior Design

First amendment violation

To the editor:

I feel you folks took an overly simplistic (and perhaps incorrect) view in your piece “First Amendment, Civil Discourse” in which you strongly support the right of the large anti-abortion display to stand in the Lory Student Center Plaza (Our View, April 23).

The First Amendment provides many protections: speech, press, assembly, etc. However, it has also been interpreted so as to protect our right to silence and abstinence from speech (i.e. the right not to say the pledge of allegiance in class). I feel that due to its size, placement and the short time period between classes, students (and faculty) could not reasonably avoid the display. As such, the university and the anti-abortionists have effectively forced students to participate in the discussion.

Thus, our First Amendment rights (the right to silence) have been violated.

The university cannot compel us to listen to political opinion without opportunity of avoidance any more than our employers can.

Michael Glass, Second Bachelors

Computer Science

Consider the well-being of all

To the editor:

I am writing in reaction to the recent display on the plaza by the Students for Bio-Ethical Equality. While my views do not speak for the whole of the Associated Students of CSU, I feel that as a senator who has spearheaded efforts to increase health and safety on this campus it is imperative that I write to you as a Graduate School student representative. I am a supporter of freedom of speech. However, I am also a believer in the maintenance of certain standards that promote health and safety for people attending CSU. As a senator for the Graduate School in ASCSU, I have spoken with graduate students – many of whom have young children – about the display. While the students are divided on the issue of abortion, they are unified in their belief that these enormous signs are detrimental to the health of their children. Had there been warnings posted at the perimeter of the exhibit noting its graphic nature, they would have chosen an alternate route to enter and exit the Lory Student Center. Subjecting such graphic imagery indiscriminately is harmful to the mental and possible physical health of students and especially children. For this reason, I can neither support nor condone the actions of this group. I encourage this pro-life division to reconsider their method of delivery, and consider the well being of not only the unborn, but also the recently born.

Jonathon Singer

Graduate School

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